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Does your child have ADHD

Parent Vanderbilts


Teacher Vanderbilts


Does your child need to be evaluated for ADHD? You're in the right place. Dr. Peeples has nearly 25 years of experience treating ADD and ADHD. Please download the print and complete list of Vanderbilts form to the right.

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Download and print the Teacher Vanderbilts form to give to your child and to complete. If the child has more than one teacher then we need at least 2 teachers to complete the Vanderbilts form.Once these forms are complete, please fax them to: 478-374-1478 or deliver them to our office in person. Once we have received these forms please call and schedule ADHD evaluation.


Click here to download form

Schedule a new ADHD evaluation

We cannot schedule an evaluation until we have all Vanderbilts form completed and received by our office. Dr. Peeples schedules 1 new ADHD evaluation appointment per day, because there is usally a waiting period to get into this appointment.


The day of the evaluation

When your child's appointment day arrives please don't be late. These are very extensive visits that can take 1 hour or more, so if your more than 15 minutes late you will be asked to rescheduled as soon as the next ADHD evaluation appointment is available. In addition to ADHD testing this appointment may also include hearing, vision, and developmental testing.


Periodic medication check up

After the initial evaluation by Dr. Peeples, your child will need to be rescreened to get medication refills. These appointments will be made at periodic intervals depending on the child's medication. Generally these

appointments are made at 1 month, or 3 months intervals.